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State of Massachusetts Chief Deputy General Counsel in Boston, Massachusetts

The Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is an adjudicatory agency overseen by a three-member Commission. It is responsible for oversight of investor-owned electric power, natural gas, and water utilities in the Commonwealth. In addition, the DPU is charged with developing alternatives to traditional regulation, monitoring service quality, regulating safety in the transportation and gas pipeline areas, and the siting of energy facilities. The mission of the DPU is to ensure that consumers’ rights are protected, and that utility companies are providing the most reliable service at the lowest possible cost. The DPU oversees the public safety from transportation and gas pipeline-related accidents, and the energy facilities siting process. The DPU seeks to promote safety, security, reliability of service, affordability, equity, and greenhouse gas emission reductions. The primary purpose of the position of Chief Deputy General Counsel is to assist the GeneralCounsel in managing all legal and policy matters affecting an agency of approximately 200 personsworking in all Divisionsof the Department:Administration, ConsumerAffairs, Electric Power, Legal, Natural Gas, Pipeline Safety, Rates and RevenueRequirements, Regional and Federal Affairs, Transportation Oversight, Rail Transit Safety, Transportation Network Company, and Siting.The technical staff includes attorneys, engineers, inspectors, economists,accountants,andanalysts. The Chief Deputy General Counsel assists the General Counsel in managing the Legal Division, and directly manages the Legal Division’s Assistant General Counsels. The Chief Deputy General Counsel also works closely with fellow Deputy General Counsels on legal and policy matters. A cover letter and resume must be submitted as part of the application process and attached “as relevant” to the requisition. Duties and Responsibilities Inmanaginglegalandpolicymatters,theChiefDeputyGeneral Counsel musthave a thorough technical understanding of the electric, natural gas, water, steam, transportation,and railindustries,includingengineeringaspectsofdistributionsystemsandnetworks,andfamiliaritywitheconomic and financial principles.Specifically, the Chief Deputy General Counsel performs thefollowingduties: 1) Assistintheformulationofpolicyfor theelectric,gas, water, steam, transportation, and railindustries in order to provide safe, reliable, secure, equitable, and affordable service to consumers in theCommonwealth, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions; 2) Assistinsettingcaseprioritiesfortheagency; 3) Interviewandrecommendforhire,assign,train,manage,direct,andevaluateworkperformedby 6 AssistantGeneral Counsels,approximately20-25 staff attorneys,one to two paralegalsand one to three legal intern(s), including hearings, written decisions, settlements, andnegotiations, to ensure prompt and fair handling of all types of matters brought before theagency such as gasand electric ratemaking,review of municipal aggregationand competitivesuppliers,affiliatetransactionissues;performance-basedincentiveregulation,merger,financing,andratecases; 4) Reviewcasesandmakefinallegalandoverallpolicyrecommendationsonmattersdecidedbya three-memberCommission appointedby the Governor,includingadjudications, rulemakingsandgenerallegalmatters; 5) Manageadministrative matters concerningthe processingof documentsrelated tocasemattersandcommunicationsfromlegislators,citiesandtowns,andconsumers; 6) Coordinateworkwithotherinternaldivisionsrelatedtocase-trackingprocedures,docketingproceduresandthecontentandmanagementoftheDepartment'swebsite; 7) ConferwiththeOfficeoftheAttorneyGeneraloncertainDepartmentcasesappealedtotheSupremeJudicialCourtandfederalDistrictCourt; 8) ConferwithotherfederalandstateagenciesandregulatoryassociationsonissuesofinteresttotheDepartment; 9) Perform legal research and administrative tasks assigned by the General Counsel and; 10)PerformallofGeneralCounsel'sdutiesasneededintheirabsence. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Thoroughknowledgeofgenerallawsrelatingtoutilities,relatedstateandFederallaw, administrative law,constitutionallaw,andtheRulesofEvidenceandCivilProcedure. Abilitytoanalyzecomplexlegalissuesandtorecommendtheirdisposition. Abilitytocommunicateeffectivelyandpersuasively,orallyandinwriting. Abilitytomanagelegalandtechnicalteamstoworkeffectivelytogether,meetdeadlinesand resolvecomplex,oftennovellegal,technical,andpolicy issues. AbilitytomanagepolicyinitiativesthataffectthemannerinwhichcitizensoftheCommonwealthwillbeprovidedutilityandtelecommunications services. Abilitytoproblemsolve. Knowledgeofeconomicprinciples. Ability tohandlenovelandfar-reachingcasesthatimpactallcitizens. Abilitytonegotiateandobtainconsensusfrom groupswithconflictinginterest. Ability to supervise and manage a diverse group of staff and attorneys, with varying levels of experience and expertise. * * EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: Lawdegreefromanaccreditedlawschool. A Juris Doctor (JD) degree and admission to the Massachusetts Bar. Fiveyearsofexperienceasapracticingutility,energyortelecommunicationsattorneywithsubstantialadministrativelawexperience. Experienceselecting,training,anddevelopingtheskillsofattorneys. Experiencemanagingastaffofattorneys. Experiencereviewingperformanceandevaluatingworkofattorneys. Experience withresolvingcomplexissuesthatrequirebothtechnicalandlegalknowledge. Experiencewithcreativeproblemsolving. Experiencewithmanagingmajorpolicyinitiativesfrominceptiontoreality. MINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have at least (A) six (6) years of full-time or, equivalent part-time, professional, administrative, supervisory, or managerial experience in a particular specialty (i.e. scientific, professional, or technical) and must possess current license and/or registration requirements established for the performance of the position, of which (B) at least two (2) years must have been in a supervisory or managerial capacity or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and substitutions below. Substitutions: I. A certificate in a relevant or related field may be substituted for one (1) year of the required (A) experience. II. A Bachelor’s degree in a related field may be substituted for two (2) years of the required (A) experience. III. A Graduate degree or higher in a related field may be substituted for three (3) years of the required (A) experience. IV. A Doctorate degree in a related field may be substituted for four (4) years of the required (A) experience. *Comprehensive Benefits* When you embark on a career with the Commonwealth, you are offered an outstanding suite of employee benefits that add to the overall value of your compensation package. We take pride in providing a work experience that supports you, your loved ones, and your future. Want the specifics? Explore our Employee Benefits and Rewards! An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. The Commonwealth is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, veteran status, or any other basis covered by appropriate law. Research suggests that qualified women, Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) may self-select out of opportunities if they don't meet 100% of the job requirements. We encourage individuals who believe they have the skills necessary to thrive to apply for this role. Job: Legal Services* *Organization: Department of Public Utilities *Title: *Chief Deputy General Counsel Location: Massachusetts-Boston-1 South Station Requisition ID: 23000B9F