Manpower Group PACKAGE HANDLER in West Boylston, Massachusetts

Handler - 2nd Shift (7667432)

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Job Information

Job Title: Handler - 2nd Shift Job Status: Active

Buyer Organization: FedEx Temporary Services Rate Card Identifier: MA-WEST BOYLSTON

Shift Label:

Shift Comments:

Total # Positions: 7

# Available Positions: 7


Compensation: Rate Type: Hourly Currency: USD

Requisition Rates:

Pay Rate: 26.35 Mark-Up: Bill Rate: 26.35

OT Pay Rate: 39.53 OT Mark-Up: OT Bill Rate: 39.53

DT Pay Rate: DT Mark-Up: DT Bill Rate:

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Start Date: 12/11/17

Duration: 0-15 day(s)

End Date: 12/25/17

Supplier Account Rep (SAR):*

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Job Specifics

Dates & Positions:

Position Pool ID# # of Positions Start Date End Date Actions

11989895 7 12/11/17 12/25/17 view position statistics

Total: 7 view history

Job Statistics

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Not Released: 0 Position Offered: 0 Total: 0

Position Filled:

Awaiting Start Date: 0 Effective: 0 Total: 0

Position Closed/Canceled: 0


Job Owner: Justice, Timothy S. Creator: Justice, Timothy S.

Job Type: C Position Type: Full-Time

Hiring Manager: Justice, Timothy S.

Customer Manager: Approver, AGS Phone:000-000-0000 Customer Account Managers:

Respond By: - Decision By:

Interview Period: - Start By: 12/11/17

Description/Comment: Ability to lift 75 lbs. Ability to maneuver packages of any weight above 75 lbs. with appropriate equipment and/or assistance from another person. Effectively communicate verbally in a sensitive manner in noisy operations environment. Start Time: 12:00 AM

Hours: Afternoon - Evening Location: 300 Century Drive West Boylston MA 01583 United States


Additional Job Details: Shift from 2PM-10PM Monday-Friday

Organization Distribution:

Owning Organization: Manpower Group US Inc. (FedEx) Organization Distribution:

Customer Defined Fields:

Division USGO (Us Ground Operations)

Job Title associated to "Other" Template

Targeted Bill Rate


Certification/Credentials Clearance


Job Position Reports To:

High-risk Requisition : No Background Check Required: Yes

Drug Test Required: Yes

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